NYISI provides a wide array of integrated information system products, services, and technologies through its various business units. NYISI consultants help businesses find efficient, cost-effective information technology solutions.

Business Consulting

Best practices in information systems and information technology change rapidly. NYISI analysts can help your business outline and implement information technologies that aren’t just effective today – solutions that stay effective into the future. As hockey hall-of-famer Wayne Gretzky once said, “Skate where the puck is going, not where it’s been.” NYISI can help you implement technologies that keep your business competitive and lower costs.


Forrester Research estimates that the e-commerce industry will generate $204 billion per year in 2008! E-commerce solutions designed, implemented, and managed by NYISI can help your business grab a slice of the pie. Whether your business is interested in online auctions, advertising, payment processing, shopping cart software, or even if your business is just looking to set up a blog, NYISI consultants will guide your business to e-success. NYISI can help you develop an e-commerce solution that maximizes your return on investment, whether your business needs a simple home page with information about your business, or a retail presence listing products for sale and processing payments.

Internet Applications

NYISI develops proprietary and and custom internet applications to simplify and improve any task. A custom workflow application can funnel information to meet your needs – say goodbye to the days of running your business in a spreadsheet or on paper. Simplify your workflow, while capturing and analyzing your business data, to answer questions and gain insight into your operations.


From mom-and-pop, single store, brick-and-mortar businesses to big box warehouse stores with multiple lanes, a point-of-sale solution from NYISI will keep your checkout process accurate and efficient. Through our partnered vendors, NYISI can find an electronic cash register system that works for your business. We also can provide touchscreen point-of-sale solutions, primarily for the food service industry.

Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is a crowded place. Without effective search strategies, many websites don’t receive the exposure they deserve. Search engines are a key link between content producers and consumers, and NYISI consultants can help your business develop and execute a search engine optimization strategy.

Search engine optimization is more than just stuffing a page with keywords or selecting “meta” tags. NYISI will help you develop a comprehensive plan for establishing yourself in search engine results, and staying there. Driving organic traffic is one of the best ways to get consumers to discover your business, and with a good search engine optimization strategy, you can help build that traffic and keep it delivering for years to come.