• 10Jul

    Peter Ubriaco, President of NYISI, was recently featured in an article by Metro called “Startups Bank on Google Apps“. NYISI uses many of the applications in the Google Apps suite, including Google Docs, Google Calendar, and the venerable Gmail for Domains.

    Using Google Apps saves us hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in infrastructure and software licensing costs. We can even set up Google Apps for your organization, like we recently did for a client.

    But with any transition comes some gains and losses. Our client immediately noticed one important thing was missing from Google Apps – desktop alerts. They were used to seeing Outlook pop up an alert window whenever a new message arrives. One solution would have been to configure Outlook to retrieve the messages via POP instead of IMAP, but this is far from an ideal solution, since POP lacks the synchronization features that set IMAP apart. Also, we were trying to ween them off of Microsoft Outlook.

    So, we created an app to replace the desktop alerts they were used to. We now present to you – Gmail Alerts, the easy solution to replace Outlook desktop alerts.

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